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28 May 2020

To our DEARLY MISSED and VALUED PATIENTS The whole team at Headingley Chiropractic Clinic would like to thank you all for your understanding and patience during this difficult and challenging time.We hope you and your family have…

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Temporary Closure

28 March 2020

I hope you are keeping safe and looking after yourselves.  It is with great sadness that following clear and strong advice from the British Chiropractic Association and the Royal College of Chiropractors, and our own risk assessment,…

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Stay Safe – Headingley Chiropractic Clinic COVID-19

21 March 2020

Stay Safe – Headingley Chiropractic Clinic COVID-19   On top of the guidelines sent out earlier this week, and in line with increased Government restriction, we are escalating our response to Coronavirus at Headingley Chiropractic Clinic. We…

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Coronavirus Update – HCC

21 March 2020

Coronavirus Update – HCC   Please join us in supporting our efforts to keep you, your families, all our patients, staff and practitioners safe and healthy. Here at Headingley Chiropractic Clinic patient safety is a priority and…

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Can Stress Cause Back Pain?

01 August 2019

Can Stress Cause Back Pain? It was not long ago that stress and emotional state of mind were linked to back pain by only the more esoteric health practitioners.  However, recent research seems to suggest that there…

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New Year’s Resolution

31 January 2019

                       New Year’s Resolution Now that we are several weeks into the new year, how are those resolutions going?  Making long term changes in our habits can be very challenging.  Often it involves will power, denial, guilt…

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Survive Christmas

07 December 2018

Survive Christmas   The starting gun has sounded for the run up to Christmas?  Here we go! While the build up  can be enjoyable, it can also become very stressful.  Not only do we pack in a…

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Accepting What Is

28 November 2018

Accepting What Is As we continue with our explorations around Joy, we must consider the idea of acceptance. Acceptance is one of the eight key pillars to joy. Acceptance means to assent to the reality of any…

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How to Reduce Back and Pelvis Pain During Pregnancy

15 October 2018

How to Reduce Back and Pelvis Pain During Pregnancy A woman’s body might change during pregnancy putting more or different strains on the ligaments and joints especially. In the pelvic area, changes include the softening of ligaments,…

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Meditation – A Way to a Quieter Mind

26 September 2018

Bringing Joy to the Heart of Chiropractic Care Very early on in my journey – I looked at meditation as a possible gateway to JOY and here is a little bit of what I found about Meditation:…

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Finding JOY

17 September 2018

Finding JOY J – Jewels in O – Oodles deep in Y – You Bringing Joy Into the HEART of our Healing World “It’s not enough to suffer – you must touch peace too” Tich Nhat Hahn…

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Exercising in Hotter Weather

09 August 2018

While the unusually warm weather is a cause for celebration, it can be hazardous for those that like to exercise outdoors.  Overheating (in the extreme – heatstroke which is a life-threatening emergency condition) and dehydration pose a…

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Part-Time Clinic Assistant/Receptionist Wanted!

19 June 2017

**PLEASE READ THE ‘HOW TO APPLY’ SECTION BEFORE APPLYING – WE WILL NOT ACCEPT CV-ONLY APPLICATIONS** At award winning Headingley Chiropractic Clinic we have a very exciting part-time vacancy. We can offer you: The opportunity to become part of our…

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Walking Tips!

16 June 2017

May marked Britain’s ‘National Walking Month’, but we here at HCC believe in the importance of walking no matter what month it is!  With this in mind, Mark has shared some helpful tips with us to help…

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What a pain in the neck…

07 June 2017

As discussed in a previous blog, the use of iPads (and other tablets) and laptops can be the cause of discomfort and fatigue in the neck, shoulders, eyes and wrists.  Despite this, tablet accessories that could help…

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What chiropractic means to me

12 April 2017

As with many things in life, I’ve found that chiropractic is something that no-one seems to know about it until suddenly you’re in a world of pain and you just want someone- anyone- to be able to…

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Work is an unhealthy habit…

09 April 2017

Computers are the top tech back pain trigger for people in Yorkshire As part of Chiropractic Awareness Week (10 – 16 April) the team from Headingley Chiropractic Clinic is urging people to take a break from their…

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Stop Exercising Now!

07 March 2017

Are you keen to get exercising and building that core strength up? Have you been doing planks and sit ups as part of your routine? STOP NOW!  While it is great idea to build up the trunk…

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Top Tips for Sugar-Free Success!

27 February 2017

One of the hardest parts about switching to a sugar free diet has been resisting temptation, here are some of the things that I’ve found have really helped. If any of you are considering trying to cut…

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Sacrificing Sugar!

03 February 2017

Here at the clinic, I have been trying something new and now Clare is gearing up to join me… Over the next few weeks you’ll be able to follow our journey as we see what it’s like…

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New Year’s Resolution

16 January 2017

How’s that New Year’s resolution going?  For a lot of people, it is already a struggle; the will power slowly ebbing away.  By the end of January, about a third of people will have their resolve broken.  By…

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Award Winning Patient Care!

25 February 2016

We are proud to announce that in recognition of our endeavour to deliver the best possible chiropractic care, we have been awarded The Royal College of Chiropractors Patient Partnership Quality Mark 2016-2018. This award is intended to set…

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Chiropractic & Rugby

06 October 2015

Rugby is a great sport and this world cup has showcased what a spectacle it is. Two teams putting their strength, skill and speed against each other like modern day gladiators.  Unfortunately, with this degree of physical…

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Students Beware!

17 August 2015

Back pain is a common complaint for people who sit for prolonged periods, especially when this is done with poor posture. Since students spend so much time sitting in class, reading or working on computers; a lot…

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Feeling the Strain

10 August 2015

Here at Headingley Chiropractic Clinic, we have noticed that a significant number of our patients appear to be men over 30 who have been living with back pain. This recent article I saw from the British Chiropractic…

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Patient Testimonial 9.5.13

15 May 2013

I have been seeing Mark now for 2 years. Every now and then my back “goes” like an elastic band snapping and I can’t do anything – the pain is terrible. Mark fixes me each time. This…

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Gardening Advice

09 May 2013

  At last the snow has gone and spring is finally here. As a nation we love our gardens therefore we will be rushing to sort out the shrubs and get the weeding done. In order to…

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Is Your Computer a Pain in the Neck?

01 February 2013

Display screen work e.g. computer, tablets etc. affects a large number of workers every year. According to the Health and Safety Executive muscle and joint problems e.g. neck, shoulder, back pain is by far the most commonly…

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Tip – Driving

01 November 2012

DRIVING HURTS Driving your car can be a cause of back and neck pain. Thousands of people every month will visit a chiropractor with injuries that are aggravated or caused by a bad driving posture. Those at…

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Tip – Stretches

22 September 2012

Stretching Can Be Pointless The thought that stretching before exercise can help prevent injury is a cherished one. However, current research suggests that static stretching (holding a muscle in a stretched position for a period of time)…

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Tip – Exercise

15 August 2012

Swimming is great for lower back – right? Well maybe not. If you only do breast stroke and in particular if you do not put your head under the water you may be doing more harm than…

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Tip – Nutrition

01 August 2012

Do you know that anti-inflammatory drugs may impede your recovery from an injury, e.g. damaged tendons or broken bones? Unfortunately, excessive alcohol intake may also impair healing. So what can help?

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