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Our Patients

I always go there when I'm miserable and in pain and I leave not only with less pain, but also more relaxed. Letitia always explains everything I need to do at home to get better, and it's always the best advice.read more
Laura Dosil
09:27 23 Nov 18
I have been struggling for many years with back pain and hip pain. Tried may different approaches with zero results. My GP told me to try a Chiropractor and i remember a few years back it had helped me. So i found Headingley Chiropractic Clinic and have been going now for a couple of months, what a change!! I have almost no pain, i walk so much better and managed to get myself back to the gym. I have more energy and am so happy that my sciatic pain is almost gone! Mark has been absolutely wonderful for the very beginning and i find going there very relaxing and always walk out feeling great. The team at the reception is also very welcoming and they remember you by name. I would definitely recommend this practise! They are also very accommodating with the times so that the sessions don t take time away from work.read more
Silvia Tarchi
07:34 07 Nov 18
In just a few sessions Mark fixed me and I am back to a free from pain and happy life again. I couldn’t ask for more, I didn’t expect it to work so well and so fast, after months of severe pain. I would definitely recommend it to everybody and will always be grateful to my friend Marianthi who suggested it to me in the first place. Mark is extremely professional and luckily really able to help, where anyone else and everything else (gp, drugs ...) failed. Highly recommended +++read more
Francesca de Bernart
21:24 25 Oct 18
I was struggling for several months with pain passing down my left arm from the shoulder, along with pins and needles and poor mobility. Six short sessions with Mark over four weeks had me cured.read more
Steve Larkin
18:36 23 Oct 18
I’ve had sciatica problems before that caused severe back spasms and inability to walk. I’ve seen other chiropractors for this and got worse and therefore scared to ever go again. When I was about 3 months pregnant this happened and I literally couldn’t move! The pain was enormous and because I still had 6 months to go, I thought I really needed to find help! I went on Google and found this clinic that had good reviews for normal Chiro treatments but had someone specialised in pregnancy care. I rang the clinic to make sure she had other experience as I was so traumatised! The receptionist was a dear and said not to worry, she had plenty of pregnant ladies coming in and all very happy with the treatment! It was the best decision I’ve ever made! Dr Laetitia was very understanding, supportive and a great professional overall. I couldn’t walk and after the first session I was able to walk home, about an hour walk, I couldn’t believe it! I’m very grateful for all her care, I recommend her treatment all the time! Even my midwife was surprised and started recommending it to other ladies! Very happy! I’m looking forward to keep up with the treatments in due course!read more
Ana Filipa Neto
09:10 11 Oct 18
Mark is brilliant. He has fixed me so many times when my GP couldn't! The best chiropractor in Leeds.
darren dobson
17:00 04 Oct 18
I had excruciating pain in my back and i turned to Headingley Chiropractic Clinic which helped me 6 years ago as well. Chiropractor Mark took good care of me which included effective treatment and exercises to prevent the problems in the future and to strengthen my core muscles. I would recommend this clinic to anybody as they are very professional and nice to work with. 5 stars without a doubtread more
Pawel Koziorowski
12:33 28 Sep 18
Professional place, clean, friendly and reasonably priced. I’ve had costochondritis for over 4 years now & pain in the sciatic nerve. Mark does a really good job. I was amazed at how he got rid of that nasty sciatic pain with his skilful acupuncture session. As for my complicated costochondritis issue. The flare has died down significantly after a couple of sessions. I’m now able to have many good night’s of sleep. Along with his excellent work and the NHS checkups combined, I hope to treat it once and for all. Verdict: Would recommend.read more
yosef Habib Hafiz
20:26 21 Aug 18
Second review from me, but Google asked. In my particular case, I think 10 visits to a physiotherapist is equivalent to just one here with Sarah. Again, a brilliant session - feel and move so much better, thank you.read more
Keith Gordon
13:20 11 Jul 18
Great treatment provided and explanation for what/why need - great approach to help patients understand root cause and self help to prevent re-occurrence. 👍read more
Helen Frazer
22:50 12 May 18
Absolutely fantastic. Caring and genuinely want to help
Alex Barry
23:42 23 Apr 18
The best chiropractor I have visited in 25 years- Sarah is excellent and very professional. Throughly recommended over all others I have visited.
Keith Gordon
06:33 25 Feb 18
I came to see Mark Butterworth agonising with back pain, including lower back and the neck. Both, the entire spine and muscles around the neck were stiff and painful, making me unable to sit, stand and sleep more than a couple of hours over night. Mark assessed me very thoroughly and professionally, prescribing at the end a treatment over several weeks. After two weeks, my situation significantly improved: the muscles becoming more relaxed, spine more flexible and my entire body more able to move freely, without pain. The progress is obvious. Mark is not only very knowledgeable and professional, but also methodic in what is doing, caring about any detail and providing advice when requested. I would recommend Mark and his colleagues without any hesitation as one of the best clinics of this type I have ever encountered.read more
Marian Gheorghe
21:40 08 Feb 18
Very thorough and very informative, Highly professional yet relaxed atmosphere. Tea and coffee offered on several occasions, just made the whole experience very pleasant. Mr Butterworth is very knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. Highly recommended A+++read more
Mohammed Zabair
20:05 18 Jan 18
After months of being in pain, I went to see Mark at the Headingley Chiropractic Clinic. I can honestly say it has made a huge difference. I may have a while before I'm 100% but I definitely feel like I have some normality back in my life. Oh and Stephanie is a godsend with her cups of coffee :)read more
Iram Ali
23:24 10 Nov 17
I retired from work in 2012 and had terrible back problems from not sitting correctly at computers. Mark gradually manipulated the muscles back into something like normality and I now go once a month to keep the muscles freed up and have a completely pain free existence. I have also had a long standing knee problem going back to a leg break in 1987. Mark actually managed to manipulate the joint back into line and since then i have had no problems with either my knee or hip, thus avoiding potential surgery. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire practice, all the staff are charming and couldn't be more helpful. Worth every penny for a pain free life. Many thanks to all the staff.read more
thornton andrew
09:27 13 Sep 17

The experience and expertise to get you out of pain

Our chiropractors relieve pain and restore full movement by their expertise and use of various Chiropractic techniques such as Sacro Occipital Technique. We get to the root cause of the problem using cutting edge rehabilitation techniques (including DNS) and lifestyle coaching.

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Free Mini Consultation

If you are unsure whether chiropractic can help you please use our free mini consultation service to discuss your condition with a chiropractor. This 15 minute appointment will help you decide whether chiropractic is right for you.

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Minor Sports Injuries

Pulled muscles,painful and tight joints can effect your sporting performance. We can help.

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Neck Pain

Stress,poor posture and lack of exercise can all lead to neck pain. Whatever the cause chiropractic can often help.

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Headaches are so common that it is assumed they are normal part of life. Tight muscles and joints are a very common source of these pains.

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Back Pain

Back pain can be debilitating. It often starts with a routine everyday activity. It is important to get it treated as soon as possible.

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Our Team

Mark Butterworth

Sarah Dunmall

Laetitia Ludovic

Chiropractor Leeds

Mark Butterworth B.Sc. Chiro, D.C., M.C.C., C.S.C.P.

Mark Butterworth has 22 years experience as a chiropractor Leeds has been his home town since 1999 after moving here from Australia. He has dedicated hundreds of hours to ongoing education and obtaining advanced qualifications to give you expert chiropractic care.

“If anyone has any problem with their structure then Headingley Chiropractic is where they should go.  I had treatment there with Mark for a painful hip/lower back area. I found him and his team to be entirely professional, efficient, knowledgeable and very friendly, with the ability to explain the reason for the discomfort/pain and to explain the treatment required in understandable terms for the lay person! (me!!)”

The Expertise to Get You Better

Mark Butterworth is the only chiropractor in Leeds to be qualified as an advanced Sacro-Occipital Technique practitioner and craniopath. To learn more about S.O.T click here.

Caring For Your Health, Keeping You Active

“Sarah was thorough, caring and friendly, keen to learn about my health and interests, valuing me as a person as well a patient.”

“Thank you so much to Sarah Dunmall for all your help. I couldn’t recommend this clinic enough, years of neck and shoulder pain are finally getting resolved! Nothing but positive praise for the whole clinic, thank you very much!”

Sarah Dunmall B.S.c., MChiro, ProfDip

Sarah Dunmall is passionate about helping individuals achieve their health goals. With a particular interest in sport, and the latest rehabilitation knowledge, she will work to keep you active so you can do the things that matter to you.  Sarah is also trained to a high standard in SOT.

Laetitia Ludovic MSc. D.C.

Laetitia Ludovic has a keen interest in chiropractic care for pregnant women, babies and children.  Using state of the art techniques, Laetitia acts out her desire to get people out of pain and help them find ways to prevent future pain.  She believes that taking a holistic approach to patient health enhances quality of life by seeking to provide helpful advice on lifestyle choices in order to meet health goals.

Since joining the clinic, Laetitia has been added to the Pelvic Partnership‘s list of recommended practitioners.  This honour was granted following successful care of numerous women suffering from Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) during their pregnancies.


Welcome to Headingley Chiropractic Clinic. We are Leeds chiropractors dedicated to looking after you and giving you the best expertise in chiropractic care. We are here to listen and would love to talk to you.
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Our well-established referral-based chiropractic clinic, serving thousands of delighted patients, is situated in a leafy suburb of North Leeds in relaxing surroundings. On arrival you will be greeted and welcomed by our fantastic front desk team who are dedicated to helping you and ensuring you feel comfortable. We are close to the Lawnswood Roundabout so after you’ve finished your appointment with our chiropractors Leeds city centre is just 4 miles away.

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