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Minor Sports Injuries

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17 Years Experience for Minor Sports Injuries Leeds

Minor sports injuries Leeds

Sporting injuries such as ‘pulled muscles’ or aching joints can severely reduce your performance and make playing your favourite sport uncomfortable and un-enjoyable.  The temptation is to hope the injury will go away if you ‘play through it’,  but this can lead to the condition becoming much worse.

Causes & aggravating factors of injuries

  • Inadequate training or fitness level for event.
  • Not warming up well enough – please note that static stretching has been shown to be detrimental to your performance.
  • Not stretching or cooling down adequately after an event.
  • Playing while ‘carrying’ an injury.
  • Incorrect technique EG: using your back while weight training your upper limbs.
  • Inadequate recovery programme from previous injury (including lack of rehabilitative exercises).
  • Underlying muscle imbalance.
  • Altered running style due to ‘flat feet’.
  • Underlying joint dysfunction EG: pelvic, Sacro-iliac, lower back or hip joint restriction can cause persistent hamstring and groin muscle strain.

Our chiropractors in Leeds are trained in Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT), a popular, post graduate whole body system of diagnosis and treatment, and have years of experience in dealing with all types of injuries.  We also work alongside a masseur and podiatrist.  This makes us ideally suited to diagnose and address the above mentioned causes and treat the injury.  We can also design a rehabilitative programme to help you recover and go back to playing your sport in confidence.

For a free screening consultation with one of our Sacro-occipital Technique trained registered chiropractors please free phone 0800 122 3050 or email info@headchiro.com.

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