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Top Tips for Sugar-Free Success!

27 February 2017

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One of the hardest parts about switching to a sugar free diet has been resisting temptation, here are some of the things that I’ve found have really helped. If any of you are considering trying to cut back the sugar in your diets these top 3 tips could help you.

  1. Find a buddy

Having a person there to keep you accountable, willingly listen and empathise as you moan and to remind you why you are doing this in difficult moments makes a massive difference! I’ve been lucky enough to not only have Clare for support this month but also my housemate from the beginning of January and it really has helped!

  1. Clear out your cupboards

Times of weakness will come, normally when you are really hungry or tired! Before starting this journey I had a clear out of all sugary items so there weren’t any in my house. This means when I’m craving a treat I have to leave the comfort of my home, get to a shop and  buy the forbidden item. This gives me time to decide whether this is a choice I really want to make, and most of the time it is enough to stop me from slipping up. This is made easier for me because my housemate is crazy enough to do this with me. See if you can convince housemates, partners and children to join in with you!

  1. Be ready with substitutes

The cravings you will feel in the first few weeks can be strong, having something to substitute in can really help. I made some banana bread with no added sugar (just the natural sugars from the banana) sliced it and froze it so that when I felt a craving for sugar I could grab a slice out. Gradually over the weeks these cravings have subsided and I don’t need to do this any more.

However you’re managing at the moment- keep going! If Clare, my housemate and I can do it, you can too!

~ Sarah 🙂

Our Clients

Alex Barry
Alex Barry
23:42 23 Apr 18
Absolutely fantastic. Caring and genuinely want to help
Keith Gordon
Keith Gordon
06:33 25 Feb 18
The best chiropractor I have visited in 25 years- Sarah is excellent and very professional. Throughly recommended over all others I have visited.
Marian Gheorghe
Marian Gheorghe
21:40 08 Feb 18
I came to see Mark Butterworth agonising with back pain, including lower back and the neck. Both, the entire spine and muscles around the neck were stiff and painful, making me unable to sit, stand and sleep more than a couple of hours over night. Mark assessed me very thoroughly and professionally, prescribing at the end a treatment over several weeks. After two weeks, my situation significantly improved: the muscles becoming more relaxed, spine more flexible and my entire body more able to move freely, without pain. The progress is obvious. Mark is not only very knowledgeable and professional, but also methodic in what is doing, caring about any detail and providing advice when requested. I would recommend Mark and his colleagues without any hesitation as one of the best clinics of this type I have ever encountered.read more
Mohammed Zabair
Mohammed Zabair
20:05 18 Jan 18
Very thorough and very informative, Highly professional yet relaxed atmosphere. Tea and coffee offered on several occasions, just made the whole experience very pleasant. Mr Butterworth is very knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. Highly recommended A+++read more
Iram Ali
Iram Ali
23:24 10 Nov 17
After months of being in pain, I went to see Mark at the Headingley Chiropractic Clinic. I can honestly say it has made a huge difference. I may have a while before I'm 100% but I definitely feel like I have some normality back in my life. Oh and Stephanie is a godsend with her cups of coffee :)read more
thornton andrew
thornton andrew
09:27 13 Sep 17
I retired from work in 2012 and had terrible back problems from not sitting correctly at computers. Mark gradually manipulated the muscles back into something like normality and I now go once a month to keep the muscles freed up and have a completely pain free existence. I have also had a long standing knee problem going back to a leg break in 1987. Mark actually managed to manipulate the joint back into line and since then i have had no problems with either my knee or hip, thus avoiding potential surgery. I cannot speak highly enough of the entire practice, all the staff are charming and couldn't be more helpful. Worth every penny for a pain free life. Many thanks to all the staff.read more
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