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Muscle aches Leeds

Muscle aches can be very painful, limiting your movement and making it difficult to do the activities you want, including sports.

While it is not unusual to have some muscle aching and stiffness following intense physical activity, this should not persist more than several days.  However, it should not be a painful, cramping intense sensation which stretches aggravate.

Sources of muscle strain

  • Muscle is too weak and cannot cope with intensity of activity.
  • Muscle is too tight (often protecting a painful joint).
  • Inadequate warming up before activity – it is important to note that static stretching before an event is detrimental to your performance.
  • Inadequate stretching regime following exercise.
  • Emotional stress causing muscle tension.
  • Joints (especially in the back) tight and inflamed causing the muscles to tighten in protection.  Joints may also ‘trap’the nerve supply to the muscles.

While massage and stretching can be effective in relieving muscle tightness and aching, it is important to look for the underlying cause of the muscle ache.  This is very often a tight joint.

chiropractors in Leeds are ideally placed to asses the joints and muscles, to determine the best way forward to relieve the muscle aches and pains, and prevent them happening again.  Our chiropractors are trained in a popular, sophisticated whole body system of diagnosis and treatment called Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT).  This, combined with our onsite masseur gives you the best possible chance of recovery.

For a free screening consultation with one of our Sacro-occipital Technique trained registered chiropractors please free phone 0800 122 3050 or email info@headchiro.com.

We also run a free health care class, which covers exercises to strengthen weak muscles, and stretches for tight muscles.  Please contact us to enrol on this.

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